Sometimes babies may be shy and won’t want to show us their face. If this happens then we may ask you to go for a walk and maybe have a drink and something to eat. So please allow longer than your scan appointment for this reason. If baby still doesn’t want to show us their face, then we will offer you a free rescan on a different day. We are normally able to get great pictures second time round but please try and eat something 15 minutes prior to your scan and make sure you are well hydrated to keep your baby active.

Yes- Prior to 20 weeks gestation please try and ensure you come to your scan appointment with a full bladder as it is particularly helpful when trying to achieve clear images of your baby. Anything after 20 weeks gestation does not require you to fill your bladder.

Yes definitely. Your Bond Before Birth scan is a non-diagnostic scan for entertainment purposes and does not replace your routine NHS scans or care. It is vital that you still attend your hospital scans.

You only need to bring your pregnancy notes with you. This allows the sonographer to accurately date your pregnancy and contains contact details of your midwife or hospital professionals should these be needed.

Sometimes there may be a problem that is completely unexpected, although we do not wish to worry you in your pregnancy, please understand that the sonographer has a duty of care to discuss these findings with you as much as she reasonably can. Sometimes the sonographer may ask for your permission to contact your local hospital or early pregnancy unit.

Yes, it is necessary to book an appointment. We are open 7 days a week, you can either call to book an appointment or send us an email. You can also contact us on any of our social media platforms. We require a £10 deposit to secure a booking which is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled or moved within 48 hours of your appointment.

For best results we advise having your scan done between 26-32 weeks. However amazing images can still be obtained outside this window. If your placenta is anterior (on the front) we advise to try and come before 29 weeks gestation if possible. We will always try even if you are further on in your pregnancy but please be aware that the quality of the images may not be as clear.

Twins have less space to move around so we advise you to try and come a bit earlier if you want to have a 3D/4D scan. Usually around 24 weeks.

Of course! Our spacious scan room has a large wall mounted TV for you and everyone to see your baby’s scan and it comfortably sits 6 people. Extras are more than welcome as long as they don’t mind standing.

Your scan will be performed by a fully qualified NHS female sonographer.

Not a problem. Please let the sonographer know prior to your scan that you don’t wish to find out gender.

Our ultrasound machine is a brand-new GE Voulson S8 Touch. It is used in many hospitals and by many sonographers. Ultrasound has been researched extensively over the past 30 years and undergone hundreds of clinical trails and has not been shown to cause any harm to the mother or baby. Your 3D/4D/HD Live scan uses the same time type of ultrasound as your routine 2D hospital scan. The intensity does not change when moving to 3D/4D/HDLive it is simply the computer software that processes the information in a different way.

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